At Church Gresley we run weekly coaching sessions from 5:00pm to 6:15pm for new juniors on Tuesdays each session cost £2. the first two sessions are free.

Training includes skills training and match play with many fun events, our juniors learn basic skills and then move on to advanced skills as they progress. they work towards skill based awards and will receive certificates when achieving: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert

We also do skills training for the English Bowls Youth Development Scheme competition. We are registered to train and assess for English Indoor Bowls Association Bronze and Silver Awards and have several juniors achieving these.

Our juniors are graded depending on training grade and game experience:

  • Level 1 Passed basic training
  • Level 2 Passed Intermediate training
  • Level 3 Passed Intermediate training with some game play experience
  • Level 4 Passed Intermediate training with competition experience including county and National competitions.

Level 2 juniors can play in all junior games and some club friendly competitions.

Level 3 can play in any club games, Adult leagues and competitions (this includes all adult competitions with no min age i.e. Over 60 pairs).

Level 4 is min level that juniors are allowed to skip in adult leagues.

Weekly coaching sessions

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